Most likely, you have worked your whole life to build a nest egg for yourself and hopefully a legacy for future generations. Don't allow decades of hard work and financial discipline to be destroyed because you fail to make the proper preparations for the passing of those assets.

Many people think their estate plan is complete when they draft a will or a trust. In fact, these are merely tools available to build the foundation of a successful estate plan.

An effective estate plan can provide solutions to a wide array of financial dilemmas. Perhaps you have a concentrated stock position, or are holding highly appreciated annuities, stocks and bonds, or real estate. Or maybe you'd like to fulfill a philanthropic desire. Each of these situations can be specifically addressed in a well-constructed estate plan.

We know that the perceived complexity of building and maintaining a proper estate plan often causes procrastination. We suggest you don't allow all the effort you've taken to accumulate assets over decades be subject to erosion overnight. If you haven't established an estate plan that puts your mind at ease, or if you haven't had a thorough review of your existing plan within the past two years, we urge you to take action now.

At IAA, we understand the desire to preserve and grow your estate during your lifetime and to pass on a valuable legacy to your heirs and successors. Your financial consultant working with your tax and legal advisors will help in handling these vital issues. Call us at 800-432-0000 to discuss further.