At International Assets Advisory, our vision is to excel as a relationship-driven, full service, financial services platform. Many advisors fear that by going independent they will lose clients and leave parts of their practice behind. The IAA platform allows an advisor to chart their course through the independent space, without the economic and service risks typically associated with the do-it yourself approach of going independent without the risk of leaving part of your business behind.


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UP TO 90%

International Assets Advisory offers some of the most competitive payout structures in the industry to advisors. We create value with advisors through the business model that is most beneficial to their future with clients. Our suite of products and services gives advisors the options and tools they need to fulfill their client's needs. We consider the entire relationship with an advisor and the benefits of working together, tailoring our approach to maximzie our ability to collaborate together on strengthening their position in the marketplace.

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RBC Correspondent Services (RBC CS)
IAA works with RBC Correspondent Services (RBC CS), a division of RBC Capital markets, LLC who is a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC is one of North America’s leading diversified financial service companies. With more than 16 million clients and operations in 36 countries, RBC’s goal is to be the preferred partner to corporate, institutional and high net worth clients and their businesses

This relationship with RBC CS allows International Assets Advisory to offer the most efficient technology, paired with the best advisor-workstation (WealthStation), all of which has enabled us to simplify processes and improve responsiveness, allowing us to provide:

Superior service model
Reduced back office interactions

Technology to meet our advisors and their clients needs
The Financial Strength of RBC behind us and our clients demand

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At IAA, we understand that most advisors have limited transitional experience - most only go through a transition once or twice throughout their entire careers. That's precisely why we've brought together our most skilled and experienced specialists to form your Transition Team. Our group of Transition experts include key personnel from Operations, Compliance and Sales, each paired with an advisor to provide guidance every step of the way.

Each advisor has their own goals and dreams for the future of their business. We understand this vision and we are committed to providing personalized, on-going support to help you achieve your goals.

IAA provides on-going support at every level:


International Assets Advisory strives to provide our advisors with access to a world-class financial services platform. We offer a global suite of products & services to help serve your clients.

If you are interested in finding out more about IAA or would like to determine if partnering with IAA is right for you, please contact us at (407) 254-1516 or below.

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