Our Vision & Philosophy

International Assets Advisory (IAA) was founded in 1982 with the purpose of bringing international exposure to retail investors, a revolutionary idea at the time. At IAA, our goal is to excel as a relationship-driven, comprehensive financial services platform. We work closely with our advisors & institutions, to offer the very best choices of products and services. To realize our vision and accomplish that goal, IAA is committed to delivering:

  • Strong Ethical Standards

    No achievement is worthwhile if personal and professional ethics are compromised along the way.

  • Quality Service

    The delivery of superior service is the key to our Broker-Dealer and Investment Adviser relationships.

  • Emerging Opportunities

    At IAA, we are always open to new ideas and new ways of doing business.

  • Open Communication and Transparency

    Our commitment to transparency underlies everything we do. We welcome and encourage constructive feedback from our partners because we know that open and honest dialog is the key to finding the best solutions for our advisors and their clients.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

By being a Main Street firm that works with Wall Street, not for Wall Street, IAA strives to improve the financial well-being of our clients by providing personal service and access to diversified products. We realize that our clients measure the quality of our service as much as they measure the performance of their investments.

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How We Accomplish Our Mission

IAA and Our Home Office Team

We oversee investment programs for corporate and non-profit defined contribution retirement plans, corporate and governmental pension plans, non-profit endowments and foundations and other institutional investment pools. Our clients include corporations of all types, law firms, physicians’ practices, healthcare organizations, colleges & universities, preparatory schools, cultural organizations, community and family foundations, municipalities and captive insurance companies.

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Our Story

International Assets Advisory (IAA) is an independent Broker-Dealer that has been serving financial advisors and institutions since 1982.

  • 1982

    International Assets Advisory, LLC was founded

  • 2006

    Pecunia Management, LLC, Ed Cofrancesco, and Partners purchase IAA

  • 2007

    International Assets Investment Management, LLC was created

  • 2013

    International Assets Advisory, LLC becomes the Broker-Dealer for PAC

  • 2016

    In June International Assets Advisory, LLC and International Assets Investment Management, LLC reached $1 Billion in Assets under Management.

  • 2018

    International Assets Advisory, LLC becomes a Mid-Size Brokerage Firm

  • 2019

    In June International Assets Advisory, LLC and International Assets Investment Management, LLC reached combined Assets Under Management of $2.4 Billion.

  • 2021

    In the 1st Quarter of 2021 International Assets Advisory, LLC, International Assets Investment Management, LLC, and Global Assets Advisory, LLC reached combined Assets Under Management of $3.5 Billion.

International Assets Advisory, LLC

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Email: info@iaac.com

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International Assets Advisory, LLC strives to provide our investment professionals with access to a world-class financial services platform. We offer a global suite of products and services to help serve your clients.
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