Although International Assets Investment Management, LLC (“IAIM”) is a newly registered SEC Investment Advisor, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with investment advisory services. For example:

  • IAIM is regulated by the SEC under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and has more than $250 million assets under management.

  • IAIM brings you 25 plus years of global investment expertise developed at our affiliated broker/dealer International Assets Advisory, LLC (“IAA”).

  • As an independent registered investment advisor, we are free to offer you any investment product we believe is appropriate.

  • You will be partnered with your own investment advisor.

  • On average our investment advisors have over 15 years of financial industry experience.

  • Only IAIM can bring you our World Class Money Manager Strategy (“WCMM”) based on a Nobel Prize winning economic theory.


Seven Reasons to Work with Our Fee-Based Advisors

  1. You will gain a partner. Conflicts of interest are reduced as your investment advisor’s interests are better aligned with your interests. In effect, you and your advisor become one team managing your investment portfolio. Your advisor only earns more if your investments are growing. As a result, both of you are sitting on the same side of the desk. The sole incentive for you and your advisor is to maximize your total return.
  2. No Commissions. We charge no commissions in our fee-based accounts. Instead of transactional commission charges, you pay a simple fee that’s tied to the value of your portfolio. This way, your advisor’s interests are better aligned with yours.*
  3. Great Service. Our goal is to unite our financial expertise with your personal investment goals. Investments selected for your account will be based on your financial objectives and constraints. Once your plan is in place, you will receive regular account updates directly from your investment advisor.
  4. Objective Analysis and Advice. Your investment advisor will recommend and implement specific investments based on your personal asset allocation strategy. There are never quotas to reach or investment vehicles that give the advisor a higher payout; all advice is strictly in the best interest of the client.
  5. Less Paperwork. Consolidating your holdings eliminates the hassle and confusion of receiving multiple statements from numerous investment companies. Our fee-based programs streamline all accounts and statements, creating a high level of efficiency for both the advisor and client.
  6. Full Disclosure. Your advisor is paid to look out for your best interests. We reward advice and service…not sales. Your fee structure will be fully disclosed with no hidden costs or surprise charges. There are situations, however, where a commission-based platform is simply more appropriate. At the onset of each client relationship we have an open discussion about the expected total expenses of either platform and together determine which would be the better option. Things we discuss include whether it would be better to pay separately for each trade executed and each product and service used. Since these factors may change, we periodically re-evaluate whether the ongoing use of a particular asset-based fee program continues to be appropriate for each clients’ needs.
  7. Freedom. By delegating the management of your portfolio to a qualified professional you eliminate the hassle and worry of constantly tending to your investment portfolio. With the client’s direction and guidance we put all of our resources to work. You can feel confident that your money is being carefully watched. With this financial freedom you can spend additional time with your family, your hobbies, or whatever you choose.

*Various no-load fund companies allocate a nominal $25.00 transaction fee.

Investment Advisory services offered through International Assets Investment Management, LLC, a SEC registered investment advisor. International Assets Advisory LLC and International Assets Investment Management LLC are affiliated companies. All registered representatives of International Assets Advisory, LLC are not associated with International Assets Investment Management, LLC. Please ask your registered representative for more information regarding their affiliations.