Nudged by the government and buffeted by the demographic reality of retirees often living into their 90's, corporations have been rapidly offloading the responsibility for retirement income to their employees. Fortunately, many different financial vehicles now exist to help investors meet their own retirement needs. New products seem to emerge each month; some are marketing gimmicks while others may be valuable financial tools.

At IAA, we have adopted a process that relies heavily on client input and participation in all phases of the retirement planning process. Although it is a systematic approach, it is also tailored to each client's requirements. Through a series of planned steps, we work with each client to define major life goals, prioritize them and test them under various market scenarios. We then build to a recommendation based upon ideal vs. acceptable goals and risk tolerance. Many retirement programs stop here. Ours continues to full implementation of the plan and periodic monitoring of its progress. Finally, we stay mindful of new goals or priorities that may cause alterations of the original program.

We believe that retirement planning must be an ongoing process, not a glossy report that sits on a bookshelf. Only in this way can we provide the best likelihood of providing a retirement that is as free as possible from needless financial concerns.

To learn more about our retirement planning program, please call us at 800-432-0000 and ask to speak with a Financial Consultant.